Champions aren’t just born. 

Even the most promising swing, the toughest of intellect, or the brightest flash of greatness can fade without the guiding hand of a mentor. Every one of us has greatness within; we just need a Champ Maker to help us discover it.

My father, Larry Otto Miller, was my Champ Maker.  He was an eternal optimist.  I never heard him say a negative thing about my game.  No matter where I hit the ball, his reaction was either, “good shot” or “good swing.”  He forever encouraged me to believe in myself; and I believed.

Dad spent endless hours watching me hit balls on the range; for him it wasn’t a sacrifice. He hand-typed countless letters to my children.  He used every spare moment to cultivate and inspire greatness in others.

Whenever people ask me, “What makes a champion?” I think of my father. 

Champ Makers shape lives. They give hope; they inspire vision and hard work. Whether it is through athletics, education, or community service, they reach out on an individual level to bring out the best.

The Johnny Miller Champ Foundation is proud to support mentors, confidants, coaches, teachers, elders, and friends with the same unceasing passion that my father exemplified.


“You are the best, so do not let anything deter or get in your way.  After every bad shot FIGHT, fight, fight back, and show the world that you belong with the best. CHAMP.”

-Larry Otto Miller